We believe in growing older gracefully and allowing your inner beauty to shine through, no matter your age, all those years enjoying the outdoors, how much laughter is showing on your face, or how many signs of day – to – day life are showing.

EMUDERM™ natural skincare range has been developed to nurture your skin, promote radiant health and prevent early signs of aging. Even if you feel you are ‘long gone’, EMUDERM™ beautiful range of skincare, enriched with Oil of Emu, can minimize lines, pigmentations, and scars.

Being a natural, therapeutic, 100% Pure Australian Emu oil is one reason why EMUDERM™ skincare range and Oil of Emu is such an effective anti-aging product. Emu oil is particularly effective as an anti-aging oil due to its fatty acid profile, which closely resembles human skin. This means there are two anti-aging attributes at play here:

1) Emu Oil is a trans-dermal carrier which readily penetrates deeply into the skin, which, unlike other cosmetics, means that it won’t sit on top of your skin and clog pores. Being trans-dermal also allows Emu oil to penetrate all layers of the epidermis which reinforces its nourishing and rejuvenating abilities.

2) Emu oil is full of Essential Omega Fatty Acids (EFA’s) 3,6,9 which also have the ability to transform your skin and health. Omega 6 in particular promotes healthy skin, hair and nails, and also helps with inflammation. EMUDERM™ natural skincare does not contain any derivatives of petro chemicals like many other popular anti-aging cosmetics which can be harmful.

EMUDERM™ Oil of Emu which can be used as an intensive skin treatment, particularly if you have very damaged or dry skin. Massaging Oil of Emu into your face and neck also stimulates blood flow, giving you a healthy glow. Oil of Emu can also be taken internally (orally) giving you amazing results.

The secret to younger, healthier looking skin is here!