Keloid scarring usually results from overly aggressive healing process and extend beyond the original injury. Keloids can occur anywhere on the skin, but is especially common after leg injury or serious facial and back acne scarring. Treatment will thus aim to remove the scar or smooth the scarred region.


  • Local steroids injections can help to reduce a majority of scars. Alternatively, steroid-impregnated tape applied for 12 hours per day may help to flatten keloids.
  • Pressure dressings. Silicone gel is applied as a gel-impregnated sheet or topical gel.
  • Surgical excision involves removing the keloid through operation. The downside is that there is a very high possibility of the scar returning even larger than the original.
  • Radiotherapy. Radiation treatment is generally recommended after surgery. There have been some concerns about the safety of such a procedure, but if the surrounding tissue is protected, the actual risk is very low.
  • Cryotherapy involves super freezing tissue in order to remove it. Such a method has results that vary, but may stop early-stage keloids from growing.
  • Laser treatment has become a prominent alternative to the norm, but evidence supporting the use of lasers is as yet scarce. Laser treatment may reduce the redness of keloids without shrinking them. However, they are less effective on darker skin.


One of the natural home remedies of late has been Emu Oil from Australia. Extensive studies coming out of medical research centers and universities in Australia and the US has shown the therapeutic qualities of emu oil. Users are increasingly aware of the adverse effects of some the above mentioned methods in western medicine.

Australian Aborigines have been using the oil from the native flightless bird of the Emu for thousands of years to relieve skin problems, pains and wounds.

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EMUDERM™ Pure Emu Oil helps psoriasis because it

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  • Relieves Pain
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  • Reduces Scars
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