Emu Oil For PainCALF PAIN

The calf of the leg refers to the lower leg below the knee and above the ankle.Calf pain causes are many, including disease, over straining the connecting muscles during sports activities and injury. Calf pain when walking at a fast pace or calf pain while running or after running can be caused by fatigued calf muscles or lactic acid build up in the calf muscles due to the lack of oxygen and poor blood circulation. Lower calf pain is a common complaint among barefoot runners because of muscle overload caused by increased impact to the area. Calf muscles will feel tight and ache-y which may last for many days. Calf pain at night often happens after a calf muscle cramp, spasm or disease such as arthritis.

Treatment for Calf Pain

Suggested treatments for such calf pain include eating the right foods, doing sufficient warm-up exercises before vigorous sports activities, rest and acupressure massage. As in the above, diet, gentle stretches are the commonly recommended treatments. Take pain relief medicine only as a last resort, if the pain is so bad that it interferes with daily functions. Calf pain at rest will usually be felt after the above scenarios due to overloading and straining of calf muscles or calf muscle cramps . With sufficient rest, elevation, gentle massage to the affected area and some dietary adjustments, calf pain at rest will usually go away after a period of time.

To speed up recovery, regularly massage using an anti-inflammatory medium like Emu Tracks Pure Emu Oil or Balm will help. Real Life Testimonials by users endorses Emu Tracks Emu Oil.


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