Arthritis a very common disease which usually occurs in the elderly and sports enthusiasts. It is typically the inflammation of the joints or other parts of the body where two bones rub together. The most common part of the body affected by arthritis is the knee.


Knees play a vital role in the body of a person. It is responsible for the movement of the leg and functions as an important part of the body system that allows a person mobility for even simple tasks like walking and normal physical activities. Overused knees may lead to the development of arthritis of the knees or arthritic knee. It can happen to anyone and some of the signs of arthritic knees are already extremely observable.

The common symptoms are:

  • Weakness of knee joints
  • Knee swelling and stiffness
  • Redness of the knee
  • Difficulty to completely straighten the knee
  • Cracking and crunching sound in the knee joints
  • Bow-legged or Knocked-knee’d
  • Thinner look of muscles around knee joints


There are physicians who believe that one of the causes of knee arthritis is the weakness of the supporting muscles. When the muscles connected to the knee joints become weaker, the development of arthritis will increase.

Some of the factors that can also cause arthritis on the knee are:

  • Too much stress – This includes over fatigue from physical works or loads.
  • Joint injuries – Athletes are very prone to this injury due to the nature of their activities, training and intensity.
  • Too much cold exposure – Countries with winter season shows an increase in victims of knee arthritis.
  • Obesity – The fact that the knee is the weight-bearer of body, the heavier the person is, the more chances it is to develop joint damages.
  • Heredity – New born babies may inherit damage tissues from the parents’ genes. These damaged tissues are responsible for the development of knee arthritis.

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